Thursday, February 17, 2005

Valentines day: The Fahl duet

part 1.
Fahls. I like this word. I thought it was a word at least. I thought it was the title of a book by my feet. Sad sad blurry eyed me. Fahls was not the word. In fact it says fables. But no matter, I have created a nice new word.

Fahls, what do you think is a Fahls? It is a German thing to be sure. The most popular beer in Leipzig? Or perhaps the hottest fishing resort south in southern Haufland (that is due south of Auschinschloss). The hills there are alive with the sound of Fahl.

part 2.
I like this word.
I thought it was the title of a book by my feet,
in fact it is a fable.
what is a fall?
a german thing in leipzig,
with fishes in oceans.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bright Yellow

Suggestions of Easter?
Beach Boys, ukuleles and feathery hair.
hours of the day eked out to show sunshine
to the cigarettes
and puke in the Grassmarket.

The grass warms and uncrumples
itself from the mud
beneath the city trees.
braving constant beatings of frisky

Frisbees sail out fourth floor windows,
scattering pigeons cooing
to the street sweepers.

the Easter Bunny panhandles for change.
it is for busfare he pleads, but the chocolate winestains
on his fur suggest otherwise.