Sunday, May 07, 2006

Camille and Marcin in the kitchen with a Polish - English dictionary (during this time it was cloudy)


Not what you feel about this, just think about screaming.

Why screaming?

Because of cry.

But screaming is what cry means to you, not what cry means to me. I don’t see screaming, you do.


You’re changing the subject.

Yes, of course.

I’m not sure I understand the game.

Ok, pick up this word – repulse – and use it.

Or inutile.

Inutile, yes, this is exactly what means this game. Stream of consiciousness.

Gotcha, gotcha.

Now is my turn… ok? Social security. But I have no idea how to use this word. I see socialist. Maybe you find a word? You try.

Let me finish typing this sentence. Ok.(she reads off the script before actually saying, subverting the reality of which is the present tense, the computer or real life.) Alike. It makes me think of twins.

I like? Yeah, I like this one.

No, alike. A L I K E.

Goad. What is this for you?

A cross between a cheese and an animal with horns.

Tie. Like a marijuana line.

You mean hemp?

Tidal wave. What is this for you?

Sljfalksjeefawu-94 dakljf (intermission, fight and snack) 20348098ws098234

This is a nickname.

You think people call you tidal wave?

Maybe not me, maybe somebody else. Scuff. No… monster.

Blue and lives in the closet.


I’ve would never used this word.

The mould. The monsters are mouldy.

The monsters are under the microscope.

Estimate. The number of monsters, five million different. Exaggerate. I like this game.

I’m not sure I understand this game.

Make it connect. Two to three words different and you try to make them connect.


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