Saturday, September 16, 2006

Busy elsewhere... and hiring!

Greetings to anyone who hasn't given up entirely on my now dusty internet record of exciting thoughts... My head is still buzzing with dreams of bile and house plants with eyes--yes. However, having spent the past year preparing and launching a business venture, I am consumed like a marshmallow in a housefire.

Visit the website: to see sticky sweetness it all turned into. If you happen to know anyone, we're hiring. Job ad below.

Che Camille is looking for a Business Manager.

There’s no use painting a pretty picture. Working in a budding business is bloody hard work. It is mentally consuming, physically exhausting, and the financial rewards are shit to start with. However, it is also exhilarating and inspiring and there is massive potential to develop skills, a decent income, and be in charge of your own destiny.

We promise you will never be chained to a desk. As a part of a small team running an art and design showroom, you will be exposed to project management, financial planning, writing, editing, publishing, design, styling (fashion, interior and possibly even hair).

Person spec: Determined, patient, creative, organised, disciplined and resourceful. Someone who makes things happen. Someone who has balls but is fair. Someone who is good with all kinds of people, ranging from designers and artists to public officials.

Typical tasks:
-Researching and submission of proposals, permits, applications.
-Project Management (e-magazine, website, events, sponsorship)
-Financial competence (able to balance books, suss out the best way to structure fees and service packages)

Payment: For the right candidate, an hourly rate or profit percentage is available. Hours: Initially, one day a week is required, but as the candidate learns more about the business and takes the initiative with ongoing projects, it could quickly evolve into a full-time position.

Location: Ideally based in Glasgow. For the right person, there would be some flexibility about requiring commuting for meetings and regular meetings. This isn’t a position that can be done completely remotely.

Interested? Send CV and a covering letter telling us about your relevant experience and what you will bring to the role. All responses to be sent to:


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